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JOY For Her 825 - Perfume Oil Roll On (Inspired By Dior®)

JOY For Her 825 - Perfume Oil Roll On (Inspired By Dior®)

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Joy for Her is a radiant and timeless fragrance that captures the essence of pure femininity. Opening with a burst of citrus and floral notes, it creates a vibrant and uplifting introduction. The heart reveals an opulent bouquet of Grasse roses and jasmine, infusing the fragrance with sophistication and grace. As it settles, the warm and enveloping base of sandalwood and musk adds depth and sensuality. Joy for Her is a celebration of joy and elegance, designed for the confident and radiant woman who appreciates the artistry of a classic and luminous fragrance. Embrace the luminosity of Joy and radiate timeless beauty.


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