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Hindu Kush 318 - EDP Perfume Spray (Inspired By Mancera®)

Hindu Kush 318 - EDP Perfume Spray (Inspired By Mancera®)

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Hindu Kush is an intriguing fragrance that captures the essence of the rugged, mountainous terrain of the Hindu Kush region. It opens with a fresh and aromatic blend of spices and herbal notes, featuring top notes of incense, spices, and labdanum. The heart of the fragrance introduces a rich and woody accord with patchouli and woody notes, evoking the natural beauty and raw power of the landscape. As it dries down, it reveals a warm and earthy base of amber, guaiac wood, and leather, leaving a lasting impression of sophistication and depth. Perfect for those who appreciate bold, adventurous scents with a touch of mystery and exoticism.

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