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Halfeti Leather 108 - EDP Perfume Spray (Inspired By Penhaligons®)

Halfeti Leather 108 - EDP Perfume Spray (Inspired By Penhaligons®)

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Halfeti Leather is a captivating fragrance that intertwines the exotic allure of Halfeti with the luxurious essence of fine leather. The scent begins with a burst of freshness, featuring bergamot and green leaves, then evolves into a heart of spicy florals and oud. The addition of leather brings a rich and sophisticated character to the fragrance, enhancing its depth and warmth. As it settles, amber and vanilla notes create a velvety and enduring finish. Halfeti Leather is a harmonious blend of oriental opulence and the sumptuous touch of leather, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate a distinctive and refined olfactory experience.

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