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Oligarch 260 - Perfume Oil Roll On (Inspired By Roja Parfums®)

Oligarch 260 - Perfume Oil Roll On (Inspired By Roja Parfums®)

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Oligarch is a very rich composition, containing many perfectly combined ingredients. You can call it a chypre, but it is certainly a chypre with a modern twist, as there is no vintage overtone here. It opens with a burst of vibrant fruit with tangy citrus (lemon, lime and bergamot) at the top and hints of green apple and blackcurrant. Oligarch is very fresh, but also dignified, because in addition to the citrus and the woody and green accords in the base (cedar, patchouli, oakmoss), the floral accords (sweet orange blossom, lily and champaca), the fragrance also has aromatic aspects thanks to the use of lavender and thyme. All this spiced with a pinch of pink pepper, but which does not stand out and remains in harmony with the other ingredients.


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