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Black Saffron 010 - EDP Perfume Spray (Inspired By Byredo®)

Black Saffron 010 - EDP Perfume Spray (Inspired By Byredo®)

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Black Saffron is an exquisite olfactory journey that weaves together the exotic and the familiar. Opening with the bold and spicy allure of black saffron, the scent immediately captivates with its richness. As it evolves, vibrant accords of juniper berries and pomelo add a burst of freshness, creating a dynamic interplay of notes. The heart reveals the floral elegance of violet and rose, softening the composition with a touch of romance. The base notes of vetiver and warm amber anchor the fragrance, leaving a lasting impression of sophistication. Black Saffron is a complex and alluring scent that combines the exotic with the familiar, resulting in a fragrance that is both intriguing and timeless.

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